Simpoh Gajah (Dillenia reticulata)


Dillenia reticulata is a deciduous rainforest tree in the family Dilleniaceae.[2][3] It is native to the Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra.[1]

The species typically grows to 36 metres (118 ft) high and about 1.27 metres (4.2 ft) thick, with a maximum recorded height of 63 metres (207 ft).[4] The young tree has a very different appearance, palm-like with a terminal rosette of huge, wavy-edged leaves up to 1.27 metres (4.2 ft) or more in length and about 41 centimetres (16 in) wide.[5] Adult leaves much smaller, to as little as 10 by 10 centimetres (3.9 by 3.9 in). The underside of the leaves is fuzzy. The flowers are five-petaled, yellow and about eight centimeters (three inches) in width. The trees have prop roots similar to those of mangroves.[4]

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