Bangkal Daun Besar (Nauclea orientalis)


Nauclea¬†is a¬†genus¬†of¬†flowering plants¬†in the¬†family¬†Rubiaceae. The species are¬†evergreen¬†trees or shrubs that are native to the¬†paleotropics.[1]¬†The terminal vegetative buds are usually strongly flattened.[2]¬†The¬†generic name¬†is¬†derived¬†from the¬†Ancient Greek¬†words¬†naus, meaning “ship” and¬†kleio, meaning “to close”.[3]¬†It refers to the resemblance of the cells of the¬†capsule¬†to a ship’s hull.[4]

Nauclea diderrichii is a large tree from West Africa that is widely cultivated elsewhere.[5] Its wood is resistant to borers and is used around harbors and in other places where wood is in constant contact with water.[1]

Nauclea is a member of the tribe Naucleeae and is sister to a clade consisting of Burttdavya and Sarcocephalus.[6] The current type species for the genus is Nauclea orientalis. Linnaeus originally named it Cephalanthus orientalis in the first edition of Species Plantarum but transferred it to Nauclea when he erected that genus in the second edition in 1762.[7]

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