About Us

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

The Conservation and Biodiversity Unit (CBU) is a new unit of the larger Sustainability Division and was established in October 2021 by Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director, Datuk Bacho Jansie, upon seeing the importance of conservation and biodiversity protection within Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd operation. The CBU office is located in Sg. Pin Estate, Kinabatangan.

While we recognize the human need for development, our core mission is to give back to the very nature that sustains us all. We believe harmony with the environment is achievable.

Through collaborative efforts with governments and NGOs, we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to regrow and protect Sabah’s forests.

Together, we can cultivate a greener tomorrow.

We impact conservation in over 70 countries and territories.
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We have more than 400 scientists on staff.
We operate more than 100 marine conservation projects.
We have protected more than 125 million acres of land.
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Our Mission

By rehabilitating degraded habitat and focusing on habitat enhancement and protection, we can give back to nature and safeguard Sabah's natural resources.

Our Vision

To establish functioning habitats and ecosystems that are protected, allowing communities to benefit from the ecological services nature provides.


Giving back to nature, one tree at a time.

Our Goals for 2030

To help mitigate climate action and biodiversity loss through a collaborative partnerships that works on:

Reforestation and Ecological Restoration

Community Engagement and Empowerment

Collaboration and Partnerships

Research and Innovation

Transparency and Accountability

Advocacy and Policy Influence

Who We Are

Our organization focuses on preserving biodiversity within Sabah, Malaysia conservation area. We achieve this by giving back to nature and society.

What We Do

To maximize our impact on biodiversity conservation, we are creating innovative concepts, elevating local leaders, and influencing policy.

How To Help

Protecting biodiversity is a powerful way to improve our world. Join us in volunteering! You can also lessen your carbon footprint or plant a tree - every action counts!

Where We Work

Our primary area of focus is the Sungai Pin Conservation Area (SPnCA) in the heart of Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia.

Our History

We began when leading scientists, committed citizens and dedicated leaders came together with a shared vision to protect and care for nature.

The Earth Gives Us Life, Let's Give Back.

Our planet sustains us, so let’s return the favor. ConserveByU is on a mission to heal the Earth, focusing on planting trees. By contributing to this effort, you’re not just adding a single tree, you’re becoming part of a global movement for a healthier planet.