Ara Berbulu (Ficus Cucurbitina)


Latin: Refers to the cucumber-like (long, narrow) shape of the fig.

Leaf: Medium size oblong leaf averaging 7-15cm by 2.5-8cm wide with 9-12 pairs of side veins. The apex of the leaf is rounded with a small drip tip.

Figs: Large oblong figs: 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter and up to 5 cm long grow in pairs in the leaf axils at the ends of the branches. Figs ripen green to orange. Young figs are protected by calyptrate bud covers as is common with many of the Section Conosycea figs. See the article on Ficus elastica at Dalit Golf Club. According to Berg (2005), these young fig covers are 2.5 cm long,  the largest in Borneo, and look like stipules when they fall off.  The ripe fig is covered in distinctive sharp hairs presumably to stop seed predators such as Large Green Pigeons from swallowing the fruit whole.

Habitat Range: Thailand south to the Malay Peninsula, Philippines (Samar, Mindanao), and Borneo.



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