Growing The Future

We reap what we sow.
What you give back today will make a difference for future generations.

Plant Trees

We plant to give back to the planet and people.

Creating Connections

Ensuring every role in the process are supported.

Community Engagement

Equip the community with proper knowledge.

Observe The Outcome

Monitor the long term impact of our project towards the environment.


Latest News

Program Kesedaran Pengurusan Alam Sekitar dan Taklimat Pengenalan Kepada Environmental Self-Regulation (ESR) dan Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) bagi Aktiviti Perladangan Kelapa Sawit di Sabah bersama Kumpulan Sawit Kinabalu
Malaysia and Japan test recycling dead palm trees into biofuel
‘Japanese investor bought land to build wildlife corridor in Kinabatangan’
Jeffrey explains why Sawit Kinabalu involving in rice production


Plant a Seed, Grow a Legacy

The Earth gives us life, let’s give back. ConserveByU is on a mission to conserve our planet, one tree at a time. Join our tree planting project and be a part of the solution. 

Together, we can save the environment.

Latest Articles

Penilaian Potensi Pembangunan Eko-Pelancongan di SPnCA oleh FPT, UMS
ありがとう ございます Saraya Co Ltd Japan!
National University of Singapore (NUS) visit to Sg. Pin Estate
Lawatan Kerja Lapangan Program Perladangan Hutan dan Perhutanan Tani, FPT UMS
Lawatan Kelab Guru, Kakitangan SK Batu Puteh dan SK Sentosa Jaya, Kinabatangan ke SPnCA
Aktiviti Rentas Hutan bersama KRT Kg. Mengaris dan Ladang Kinabatangan
Hylobates Funereus (North Bornean Gibbon) in SPnCA
Kunjungan Hormat KRT Kg. Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan
3 days of thrilling Honorary Wildlife Warden (HWW) course

Sawit Kinabalu TV

The Conservation & Biodiversity Unit of Sawit Kinabalu
SPnCA Chronology
A Hornbill Peeking Out From Its Nest At Sg Pin, Kinabatangan
Orangutan’s Morning Commute Above The Sg Pin River, Kinabatangan
The Sound of Nature – Bukit Mansuli

Want To Make A Difference?

When it comes to conserving the environment, it involves all of us. Find a volunteer opportunity that matches your abilities and interests, whether it be virtual volunteering using your professional talents, data gathering, or invasive species removal at a nature preserve.

Tree planting leaderboards

Check out the leaderboards below to see who has contributed the most to our tree-planting projects.

RankIndividual NameTrees PlantedTierBadge
Dayang Nurfaezah Datu Kassim
2Seedling Supporter
Wenny, Yee Teng Eng
1Seedling Supporter
1Seedling Supporter
Tracy Fong
1Seedling Supporter
Datuk Herman Sajid
1Seedling Supporter
Misrah Marselus
1Seedling Supporter
Nigel Marudin
1Seedling Supporter
Charis saliun
1Seedling Supporter
BadgeTierPurchased Trees
Seedling Supporter1-10
Sappling Sustainer11-30
Grove Guardian31-60
Forest Friend61-100
Woodland Warrior101-150
Tree Hugger151-210
Arborist Advocate211-280
Evergreen Enthusiast281-360
Ecological Steward361-450
Environmental Champion451 and more