SDGs For Dummies

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By: Naziah Nawawie – April, 2 2024

Admit it.


Like me, most of us struggled to understand what Sustainable Development Goals are all about. It’s either we are not that concern, or doesn’t realized that all of us are affected by it, one way or another.

SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a collection of 17 interconnected goals adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015. These goals represent a global call to action to address critical issues facing humanity and the planet by 2030.

Imagine the SDGs as a big to-do list for the world. It has 17 goals, like chores you need to do to make your room, your community, and the planet a better place.

Each goal has a specific task

Goal 1: No Poverty: Get rid of poverty, like taking out the trash.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger: Make sure everyone has enough food, like cleaning the fridge and pantry.

Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being: Keep everyone healthy, by washing hands and disinfecting surfaces.

Goal 4: Quality Education: Learn new things and get smart, like organizing your books and study materials.

Goal 5: Gender Equality: Treat everyone equally, regardless of gender, by sharing toys and chores fairly.

Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation: Have clean water and bathrooms, like keeping the sink tidy and flushing properly.

Goal 7: Affordable & Clean Energy: Use good energy sources that don’t hurt the environment, like turning off lights when not needed.

Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth: Create jobs and make everyone feel good about their work, like helping out with chores and being responsible.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure: Build things the right way, like fixing broken toys and taking care of your belongings.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities: Make sure everyone has the same opportunities, like sharing toys and playing fair.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities: Make cities and towns nice places to live, like keeping things clean and planting flowers.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production: Use things wisely and don’t waste, like recycling and fixing things instead of throwing them away.

Goal 13: Climate Action: Protect the Earth from getting too hot, like turning off lights and electronics when not in use.

Goal 14: Life Below Water: Keep the oceans and sea creatures healthy, like not littering and using eco-friendly products.

Goal 15: Life on Land: Protect plants and animals, like planting trees and being kind to animals.

Goal 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions: Be kind and fair to everyone, like resolving conflicts peacefully and following rules.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals: Work together to achieve all these goals, like helping each other and sharing responsibilities.

Remember: Everyone can contribute to the SDGs, even in small ways. It’s like keeping your room clean – every little action adds up to a big difference!

Image Credit: Global Services In Education

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