Orangutan’s Morning Commute Above The Sg Pin River, Kinabatangan

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Seen in the early morning above the Sg Pin River in Kinabatangan, an Orangutan crossing the river using the bridge set up by the HUTAN team for Pongo Alliance. The moment was captured by CBU’s ranger, Rudy Surokan, during his routine monitoring work along the riparian area.

Orangutans are intelligent and adaptable creatures but face numerous challenges in their fragmented habitat. Rivers can act as significant barriers, isolating populations and limiting their access to food and resources. The bridges built by HUTAN provide a safe and reliable way for orangutans to cross these obstacles, promoting connectivity and aiding their long-term survival.


Seeing an orangutan safely navigating the bridge is a testament to the incredible work of these organisations and the importance of these projects. These bridges help reconnect fragmented habitats, allowing orangutans to access vital resources and maintain healthy populations.

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