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As part of the Strengthening Production, Protection and Inclusion (PPI) Activities of Sawit Kinabalu Project under IDH-the sustainable trade initiative, 13 participants from Sawit Kinabalu’s different operational units i.e. Conservation & Biodiversity Unit, ARAS Sandakan, Ladang Seberang, and Ladang Bagahak 1, participated in KOPEL Environmental Education (EE) 8.0 program which was held at Kopel and Tungog Eco Camp on the 19th to 20th October 2023.

Water pollution and waste management were the main topics of EE 8.0, and speakers from KOPEL as well as from the Batu Puteh Health Clinic and Kinabatangan District Council were there as the main speakers and trainers.


Participants were exposed to different kinds of water quality, the suitable degree of conductivity based on the type of water, and the sources of water pollution by KOPEL. Meanwhile, the Batu Puteh Health Clinic shared issues and potential diseases that are harmful and how to avoid them.

Kinabatangan District Council presented on waste management in which they shared about different categories of controlled solid waste under Act 672, the consequences of irregular waste disposal, and the Kinabatangan residential solid waste disposal procedure. Apart from that, the participants were also given a hands-on practical on composting by KOPEL, in which participants learned about the substances, elements, and processes required for the composting process. 

During their stay at Tungog Eco Camp, KOPEL also shared their experience in managing and conducting the lake restoration which was previously infested with the Salvinia Molesta. 

Thank you KOPEL for the exciting EE Programme conducted and the experience given to the participants. We hope that this can be an eye-opener to the participants on the importance of EE. We look forward to the next EE Programme.




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