Datuk Bacho Jansie – The People Leader

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For 39 years, Datuk Bacho Jansie worked for Malaysian palm oil manufacturer Sawit Kinabalu. In his four decades with the company, he has held a variety of positions, including Assistant Manager, General Manager, and Head of Department. During this time, he has also witnessed the company’s transformation into a fully owned by the state government.

Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship), Datuk Bacho joined the plantation industry in 1979. Presently, he is the Group Managing Director of Sawit Kinabalu group as well as the Chairman of the East Malaysia Planters’ Association (EMPA).


When he started with the company, the first thing that he did was meet up with each and every one of the staff. He believes that in terms of priority, his job was to ensure that his people are happy and productive. He took the time to ask what their needs, wants, and feedback regarding the company. Datuk Bacho put his employees at the core of the entire process, and he is already seeing the benefits of that decision. 

He wants to foster a positive environment for both his current employees and any new hires joining the team.  Pleased that the government is making an actual investment in agricultural employment, Datuk Bacho is confident that Sawit Kinabalu has the resources to expand more.

In the same manner, Sawit Kinabalu makes sure that its interactions with its suppliers are profitable for both parties. Such that, according to Datuk Bacho, 70% of couples have remained completely devoted, with many of the partnerships lasting longer than 25 years. He believes that maintaining a trusting relationship is the key.  

Even if the company’s focus may shift over time, according to Datuk Bacho, everything ultimately comes back to the people. The way the people are managed in Sawit Kinabalu is what makes it unique. The fundamental priority is teamwork, and it’s crucial to make sure that everyone is treated with respect. 

Source: The CEO Magazine

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