Sawit Kinabalu Debuts in The Real Estate Sector with a Project in Semporna

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There are new players in the profitable but occasionally challenging real estate market. It has just come to light that Sawit Kinabalu Group (SKG) has expanded into the brick-and-mortar sector and will formally introduce “Sawit Property” at a later time.

To welcome SKG into the real estate sector and honour SKG on their first project, Plaza Semporna, PropNex Sabah gave Datuk Bacho Jansie, Group Managing Director of Sawit Kinabalu Group, a souvenir on the sidelines of the PH Expo 2023 event.


The township of Plaza Semporna located at Bandar Datuk Panglima Abdullah, an innovative and contemporary tourist destination, is hailed as Semporna’s new pulse. 

The purpose of Plaza Semporna is to serve both the local populace and visitors. Both residents of Semporna and tourists visiting the area will find what they need in the proposed components, which include a supermarket, petrol station, retail and entertainment centre, showroom, commercial suites and shop offices.

“We are very encouraged by the overwhelming response we received in our recent previews,” Bacho Jansie remarked with delight. On just the first preview at Semporna, every shop office in Plaza Semporna’s first phase was reserved. Considering that the Semporna community in the area knows best and has decided to support Plaza Semporna, this is a convincing endorsement of the project’s chances.

“The Retail & Leisure Centre and Commercial Suites will also elevate Semporna as a more attractive tourist destination. In general, proper accommodation for tourists is lacking and the commercial suites will be well received. Further, the retail and leisure centre will provide a critical outlet for tourists to go to after their island hopping and diving activities,” he added.

The arrival of this strong new player has the real estate sector buzzing.

Sawit Property is now accepting registrations for the business suites as development is proceeding smoothly at the Plaza Semporna site.

The business suites will provide visitors to Semporna with a much-anticipated amenity that will guarantee restful sleep and a stimulating place to stay. They are appropriate for lodging of the short-term rental variety.

Philomena Chai, Agency Head of PropNex Sabah shared, “Sabah appreciates good property developers delivering quality real estate products. SKG is a premier investment arm of the Sabah State Government, and we are hopeful they will shine as well as they are doing in the palm oil sector and will grow further the real estate industry here in Sabah.”

Philomena further quipped, “Judging from their brilliant success for the shop office sale at Plaza Semporna, Sawit Property may yet grow into a giant like they are in the oil palm sector.”


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